Dobinsons MRR +2" Nissan Patrol Shock Absorbers...

Dobinsons MRR +2" Nissan Patrol Shock Absorbers - Set

2*MR45-60114 + 2*MR45-60115
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Dobinsons MRR +2" Nissan Patrol Shock Absorbers

Dobinsons MRR +2" Nissan Patrol Shock Absorbers are high-quality components specifically designed for off-road vehicles. These shock absorbers are an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking better control over their vehicle in challenging terrain.

Dobinsons shock absorbers provide effective damping of shocks and vibrations, minimizing the impact of uneven terrain on ride comfort. They enhance vehicle stability, predictability, and performance on demanding off-road trails.

The new Dobinsons MRR monotube shock absorbers have been designed to elevate performance in extremely challenging conditions, surpassing the capabilities of traditional twin-tube shock absorbers. The use of a monotube design allows Dobinsons MRR shock absorbers to perform significantly better in racing conditions, heavy-duty work, towing, and long journeys with heavily loaded vehicles.

Technical Specifications:

Outer diameter: 66 mm

Piston diameter: 60 mm

Special valves

High performance with an additional reservoir

Direct fitment to factory mounts

Remember to consult with a professional before making any changes to your suspension system to select the appropriate shock absorbers for your vehicle and individual needs.

The price includes a set of 4 shock absorbers.

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